Set of 6 Liquor Extracts (amaretto, creme de menthe, butter rum, Grand Marnie…

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The same flavorful OliveNation Extracts conviniently together.
Set of 6 x 4 oz bottles
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Six of our Liquor extracts conveniently grouped together for you. It saves you time and money and is an easy gift for a baker. * Made in Italy from almond and apricot kernels, it has a rich almond-like flavor and aroma. Our Amaretto extract captures all the delicious flavors and aromas of this very special liqueur. Use this extract in baking, add to beverages and ice cream. * Creme de menthe Extract: Besides being used as an ingredient in several popular cocktails such as the Grasshopper and Stinger, Crème de Menthe liqueur is also served as an after dinner drink. OliveNation’s Crème de Menthe extract has a wonderful mint flavor with hints of dark chocolate and vanilla. Use it in baking, beverages and ice cream. * Butter Rum Extract: Many are familiar with the delicious drink called hot buttered rum. This drink, made with rum, butter and hot water garnished with either a cinnamon stick or ground nutmeg is a wonderful treat. Our pure butter rum extract will add the flavor of buttered rum to your cookies, cakes and icings. * Grand Marnier Extract: OliveNation’s Pure Grand Marnier Extract can be used to add the Grand Marnier flavor to French pastries, cakes, cookies and other desserts. It is terrific for cream fillings and ice cream. Use your imagination and use it as an accent in sweet and savory sauces. Use sparingly since its concentrated flavor is approximately two to three times stronger than the actual liqueur. * Brandy Extract: Use this delicious extract where you want to add brandy flavoring. Premium brandy is used in an aqueous sugar solution to create this extract. * Bourbon whiskey Extract: The finest bourbon whiskey is used to make this outstanding bourbon extract. It is wonderful addition to sauces. Add it to whipped cream for a special treat.
The same flavorful OliveNation Extracts conviniently together.
Set of 6 x 4 oz bottles
Save time and money
Perfect as a gift for a baker.

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